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BEST Pet Stain & Odor Elimination

Pet stain carpet cleaning in san franciscoPets are as much part of our lives as any family member. We are here to help all pet owners care for their pets as well as keep their homes fresh. Because we care for our customers’ animal safety, we use organic, non-toxic and hypoallergenic cleaning solutions that ensure your pets stay healthy and the planet does too.

When it comes to carpet cleaning companies in San Francisco, our clients have trusted us since 2006 to deliver the best cleaning services around.

Residential Pet stain carpet cleaning in san francisco

Pet Odor Removal Process

We use organic and non-toxic high quality products that eliminate urine and fecal odors from carpets and furniture. Some contain enzymes that will actually break down the source of the odor. Odors need to be eliminated when they first occur, because the longer the source of an odor remains on a surface, the harder it will be to remove.

For more information on our cleaning methods, check out our FAQ page.

Our carpet cleaning process includes the following steps:

Pre-treatment & conditioning
Steam cleaning & extraction
Sanitizing, deodorizing & post-inspection

Do you need residential pet stain carpet cleaning services?

San Francisco pet owners know the challenge of keeping carpets clean and odor-free. Pet stain removal in San Francisco requires expertise, especially when dealing with stubborn stains and odors like pet urine and pet accidents. Our service specializes in removing these challenging spots without damaging your carpet fibers, ensuring your living space remains fresh and inviting.

In the heart of San Francisco, our pet stain removal service stands out by effectively eliminating stains and odors from carpets and rugs. Utilizing advanced cleaning solutions and techniques, we target the root of the problem, removing pet urine and pet stains thoroughly. Our process not only gets rid of the stain but also eliminates pet urine odor at its source. This comprehensive approach ensures that your carpets are not only visually clean but also hygienic, preventing repeated pet accidents and maintaining the integrity of your carpet fibers. Trust our San Francisco team to restore your carpets to their original condition, making your home welcoming once again.

Pet Stains and Odors Sink Deep into the Carpet

Pet stains and odors have a way of sinking deep into the carpet fibers, making them particularly difficult to remove. Traditional cleaning methods often fail to reach the back of the carpet where these odors can linger. Our specialized cleaning process addresses this challenge head-on, ensuring that every layer of your carpet is treated.

When pet urine seeps into the carpet, it doesn’t just stay on the surface; it penetrates deep into the fibers and even the backing of the carpet. This can cause a lingering odor that’s hard to eliminate with regular cleaning. Our professional carpet cleaning services in San Francisco use a deep-cleaning process that reaches these hidden areas, effectively removing pet stains and odors. By targeting the ammonia present in urine and the urine crystals that cause long-term odors, we ensure a thorough clean that traditional methods can’t match. This deep cleaning not only removes the odors but also helps to prevent future pet accidents by eliminating the scent markers that pets often follow.

Pet Accidents Can Cause Long-Term Damage

Repeated pet accidents can cause significant long-term damage to your carpets. The acidic nature of pet urine, especially from cats and dogs, can break down carpet fibers over time, leading to discoloration and deterioration. Addressing these accidents promptly is crucial to preserving your carpet’s lifespan.

The impact of pet accidents on carpets extends beyond just surface stains and odors. The acidic components of pet urine can cause the carpet fibers to weaken, leading to wear and tear that significantly shortens the carpet’s life. Moreover, the moisture from pet urine can create an environment conducive to mold and mildew growth, further damaging the carpet and potentially affecting indoor air quality. Our San Francisco-based cleaning and repair services specialize in handling these challenges, employing techniques that not only remove pet stains and odors but also protect and extend the life of your carpet. By choosing professional cleaning services, you’re investing in the longevity and health of your home environment.

Professional Cleaning Experts for your Pet Stains and Odors

Dealing with pet stains and odors requires more than just a surface clean; it demands the expertise of professional cleaning experts. Our team in San Francisco is equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle pet accidents effectively, ensuring a deeper clean that eliminates odors and stains at their source.

Our professional carpet cleaning experts in San Francisco are trained to tackle the toughest pet stains and odors. With a deep understanding of carpet fibers and the chemical reactions that can occur with pet urine, our technicians use specialized cleaning solutions that break down the odor-causing elements without harming your carpet. This approach not only removes the visible signs of pet accidents but also ensures that the odors are eliminated, preventing your pet from being attracted to the same spot again. Our cleaning process is thorough, environmentally friendly, and designed to protect your carpets, making us the best choice for pet owners looking to maintain a clean and healthy home.

About Our Team of San Francisco Cleaning Professionals

Our team of cleaning professionals in San Francisco is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and exceptional cleaning results. Specializing in pet stain and odor removal, our technicians bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every job, ensuring your home is left clean and fresh.

At the core of our San Francisco cleaning services is a team of skilled technicians who are experts at pet stain and odor removal. With years of experience and a commitment to ongoing training, our professionals are equipped with the latest cleaning technologies and solutions to tackle any challenge. We understand the importance of a clean home, especially for pet owners, and strive to deliver services that exceed expectations. Our team is not just about cleaning; we’re about creating healthier, more enjoyable living spaces for you and your pets. By choosing us, you’re opting for a partner who values your satisfaction and works tirelessly to achieve it.

  • Our Commitment to Excellence:
    • Advanced cleaning solutions and techniques
    • Specialized in pet stain and odor removal
    • Environmentally friendly and safe for pets
    • Dedicated to customer satisfaction and outstanding results
    • Experienced and continuously trained technicians

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Our guarantee is to meet the highest standards in the industry that leads us to lifelong customers. These standards are employing professional, friendly, certified technicians and providing outstanding customer service & support 6 days a week.

If you’re looking for a reliable, pet stain and odor control cleaning company in San Francisco, San Mateo or the Marin area, contact us today.

Caring for your home: removing pet stains & odors

Carpet upholstery cleaning

Don’t let pet accidents cause lasting damage

Do you know how to properly remove pet urine, feces, and vomit from your floors and carpets? Many DIY cleaning attempts leave behind odor-causing residue in pads and subfloors, allowing smells to return. Harsh chemicals can also permanently set stains.

Not just a surface stain

You may see surface staining, but the bulk of the odor-causing bacteria and marking chemicals are below in the carpet pads and subfloors. Our professional pet stain removal penetrates deep to eliminate odors at the source while making high-traffic areas less attractive for re-marking.



Old pet stains can resurface

Over time, pet accidents seep deeper through carpet fibers and pads. Even after the surface looks clean, stains reappear as moisture pulls odors upwards. Our experts have the tools and knowledge to permanently remove old set-in stains and bacteria.

No Surprises or Pressure to Buy

At Bay Area Carpet Master, we offer cost-effective packages tailored to your home’s needs. Finally gain confidence that pet odors can be eliminated instead of just temporarily covered up at the surface.

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