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Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Information/Updates
We are open for business and we are committed to providing our clients with the same high quality service during these challenging times. As a precaution and to comply with federal and state recommendations our technicians are required to abide by the below standards:

*Masks required to be worn by client(s)
*Technician(s) wear gloves
*Technician(s) wears masks
*Sanitizing between client(s)
*Social distancing practiced while in home or business

Do You Rent Carpet Cleaning Equipment?
No, we do not rent any type of carpet cleaning equipment.
How Do I need To Prepare Before The Technician(s) Come?

Removal Preparation: Please remove items on the carpet or the designated area that will be cleaned prior to the Technician(s) arrival. Our Technician(s) will assist to move furniture or items up to 25 lbs, otherwise they will work around items heavier than 25 lbs. 

Do I Need To Vacuum Before My Cleaning Appointment?

A light vacuuming is recommended but not necessary. Our technician(s) will pre-vacuum the edges and corners of your carpet, rug, or upholstery to be cleaned and the cleaning process we use involves vacuuming too.

Do I Need To Move All The Furniture Before My Cleaning Appointment?
No, it’s not necessary. We can work around furniture if needed.
What Time Will The Technician(s) Arrive?

We are a mobile service and like many other mobile services, we provide a 1-hour appointment window for when the Technician(s) will arrive. You are required to be present at the time of your appointment window at the service address. The Technician(s) will only wait up to 15 minutes if you are not present.

For example: if your appointment window is 10am-11am, the Technician(s) will arrive between 10am-11am and you must be present at the service address between 10am-11am, the Technician(s) will wait up to 15 minutes, if you are not present during this time they will leave.

What Method Of Cleaning Do You Use?

Bay Area Carpet Master utilizes the “professional hot water extraction” method of cleaning, this is a washing and rinsing of the carpet.  We consider this the most dependable method for getting your carpets as clean as possible. In Addition to this method our experienced technician(s) will help you determine which of the available methods would work best for your carpet. We use only non-toxic cleaning agents that are safe for your home, and can use ECO-friendly products as well if this a requirement.

What Step-By-Step Cleaning Process Should I Expect When The Technician(s) Arrive?
Do You Guarantee Stain or Spot Removal?

We cannot guarantee that we will remove all carpet spots or stains. There are substances that can permanently discolor the carpet fibers. The age of the carpet and the type of carpet fibers also plays a factor in this. The technician will try to determine if this is the case prior to cleaning but they are not always able to determine this before trying to remove the spots. 

Can You Dye or Repair The Carpet(s)?
No, unfortunately we do not offer these services.
How Long Will My Carpet Take To Dry?

This depends on weather conditions (humidity levels, airflow and the type of carpet we are working on). While it typically takes 8-12 hours it may take up to 48 hours for the carpet to dry, you can walk on it as soon as we are finished. Wear clean tennis shoes or white socks to avoid re-soiling. If drying time is a concern, please ask us about ways to significantly speed up the drying time.

Will You Dry The Carpet(s)?
No, we do not dry the carpet(s). The carpet(s) need to naturally air dry. See (How Long Will My Carpet Take To Dry) above for further questions.
What Types of Payment Do You Accept?
Cash, cards, and checks over $200.00.
Can You Invoice Me?
We can only invoice our commercial clients with existing accounts.
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