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BEST Flood & Water Damage Control

Flood & water damage in san franciscoWater damage is a difficult and unpleasant problem. It’s also an issue that can lead to health concerns, due to excess moisture buildup that encourages mold and mildew growth and contributes to problems with rust, rot, and similar issues. The longer your home and possessions remain in this excessively moist state, the more damage they suffer, so time is always critical when dealing with significant water damage.

When it comes to commercial flood & water damage control in San Francisco, our clients have trusted us since 2006 to deliver the best cleaning services around.

Flood & water damage in san francisco

Do you need commercial flood & water damage control?

Water damage restoration is definitely a job for the experts and not one you’ll want to take a chance tackling yourself. The good news is that the water damage restoration specialists at Bay Area Carpet Master have extensive training and experience in water damage cleaning methods. This expertise allows us to handle your job with precision, adeptly restoring your home or business to a clean, dry, healthy state.

Water Damage Causes & Control

When flooding occurs as a result of storms, leaky roofs, broken pipes, sewer backups, overflowing toilets or washing machines, leaking dishwashers, or other sources of water-leakage, Bay Area Carpet Master is prepared to oversee your water damage restoration project.

Depending on the seriousness of your water damage issue and the amount and source of the water and the level of damage involved. We can set up an appointment for your clean-up and restoration work or send a crew out immediately to handle more urgent problems. Our water damage clean-up crews are available 24/7 to respond to your water-related emergencies.

Commercial flood & water damage control san francisco
We use industrial-grade high-pressure drying equipment for quick drying of walls, floors, and powerful water extraction equipment to safely remove water from carpets, rugs, and upholstery. When major portions of your home or business are affected, our industry leading equipment allows us to handle even the largest water damage restoration project. At Bay Area Carpet Master, we follow standard, industry-accepted techniques for efficiently removing mold, mildew, and other potentially harmful by-products of water damage from your premises and possessions.

For more information on our cleaning methods, check out our FAQ page.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

After our crews assess the type, level, and severity of your water damage restoration issue, they will advise you on whether your furnishings and/or belongings can be safely salvaged. (Due to the health dangers involved in bacterial growth and harmful toxins, furnishings and other possessions that remain wet for too long should be discarded.)

Our flood & water damage cleaning process includes the following steps:

Sanitizing & deodorizing
Drying & post-inspection

Carpet upholstery cleaning


Our guarantee is to meet the highest standards in the industry that leads us to lifelong customers. These standards are employing professional, friendly, certified technicians and providing outstanding customer service & support 6 days a week.

If you’re looking for a reliable, flood and water damage cleaning company in San Francisco, contact us today.

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